Step 13 - The Doomsday Armada

Now that you have learned the fundamentals of being a commander, it is now time you learn about the "Dooms Day Device". The device has been activated three times and has brought massive devastation across the universe. The top commanders who have suffered the greatest loss in these events, has been documented in the Halls of Glory. You can find the halls of glory here.

To activate the doomsday device, the device must first be assembled and charged. Once the device has been assembled, there is no preventing the charging and eventual ignition of the doomsday device. If the device has activated, the device will first perform a safety routine to preserve all life, and reserve enough supplies to sustain and build a new economy. The commanders who have survived previous activations, have come to call these times of change, "The beginning of a new round"

However, if a commander has the will to prevent the end of inequality, a commander may have a chance to remove a commander from the doomsday armada. The Doomsday workforce is held to the requirement that all commanders who perform work have a commander level of 100 or greater and have enough power to be in the top 200. Any commanders that fall below the required power will be released of their duties. Work on the device will be scrapped until a new team can be assembled. Due to the complexity of the device, the entire team must go from start to finish as to ensure the least possible failure in the device.

The next phase of the device is the charge. Due to the immense energy required for the device, the energy must be taken from all resources within the universe. It is theorized that if enough resources are destroyed, the weapon will not fire. This theory is unproven and has yet to have happened.

Once the device has been charged, the final step is to release the magnified charge. When the charge is released and all matter not protected is removed from the universe. The location of where these items go is unknown, though it is proven that the matter has moved and that the matter is not vaporized.

The exact nature of the doomsday device is pretty complex. Be sure to communicate with other commanders before making your decisions about the doomsday device. Now that you know the true nature of the doomsday device, there are just a few more things we want to go over with you and you will be finished with your training

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