Step 14 -  The Extra Features

Congratulations, Commander!

You have completed the guide. If you paid attention, you have learned many tricks to the trade to help you push your way to the top. You now know the necessary skills to function normally within the ranks of other commanders.

Now that you have completed the guide, it is now time to take your life into your own hands.

Good luck, and God speed Commander.

Be sure to check back to this final page of the guide for updates that have been suggested by other users. This is the area where all suggestions and additions to the guide will be located. There will also be information about features in the game that are easily and quickly explained.


As of yet Alliances are not used for much. Alliances serve the purpose as a very minor distraction to enemies who are on the prowl for a new victim. Alliances form truces with each other preventing alliances under truces from attacking each other. Breaking of these truces will require a high payment. One would be wise to think twice before breaking truces.

Your Mailbox

The mailbox is pretty self explanatory. If anyone wishes for me to write something about the mailbox, send me a message. I am user id: 3202. You may also send me an e-mail to here.

Log Viewing

The logs are to show you a history of your actions. They show when you gain or lose segments, and credits. The logs will also show any attack made by you or any that are made against you. Viewing the logs is a good way to find out when you find yourself saying, "Where did those credits go?!?!?".

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