Step 7 - Viewing and Editing Fleets

Ok, we have installed the systems to our fleets, but how can we be sure we installed them all? While you can go system by system in the Upgrade section looking to see which systems are installed, it is much easier to view the fleet as a whole instead of system by system. To do this, click on the "Edit/View Fleets" button

Similar to the upgrade fleet screen, we have a drop down list that lists our fleets. Select the first fleet from the drop down list and click "View Fleet". On the screen that we were just brought to, we will see everything concerning our ship. On the top of the page there is a textbox with the name of the fleet in it. Next to and below that you will find all of the ships statistics. Most are self explanatory such as Numbers in fleet, Space per ship, Marines, Space Left, and energy left. The stats we have yet to cover in much detail would be the remaining stats. These statistics are the per ship statistics. Here is where swarm bonus comes into play as well as crew level.

Swarm bonus is the bonus you get by having more then one ship in the fleet. The more ships the more swarm bonus you will receive. This is good for us because we designed our fleets to be swarm ships that are meant for completing missions. As our ship becomes more experienced after battles the crew level of the fleets will rise. Crew level that is gained is determined by the fleets you face in combat. The stronger the fleet, the more experience we will earn. Because you are still new, you shouldn't concern yourself with this right now, as you will not be gaining much crew level due to the small fleets we will be facing when we attempt a mission or attack another player.

The other stats we have not gone over or have barely covered are attack, defense, hitpoints, attack accuracy, absorb power, SP (Shield Penetration) power and AP (Armor Piercing) power. Currently AP and SP Power are not introduced and therefore will always be 0%.

Hitpoints is fairly self explanatory. If an enemy attack gets passed your shields and your defense, the attack will reach the hitpoints. If you lose more hitpoints then each individual ship has, you will lose ships until the remaining damage is less then the hitpoints per ship. 

Defense can be kind of complicated. While hitpoints are per ship, defense is cumulative, meaning when you attack or get attacked, defense is totaled up by multiplying the number of ships by the ships individual defense. When you get attacked, the damage done to a fleet will first go through the shield. While your shields will never reduce an attack to zero, it will reduce the damage according to the percentage of absorbency. The damage will then go through to your defense. If your fleet has sufficient defense to stop an attack, the attack will not even reach the hitpoints. This means that no ships will be lost. However if the damage done to a fleet is greater then the total defense of a fleet, the damage will reach the hitpoints. When damage reaches the hitpoints, ships will be lost if the damage left is more then a single ships hitpoints.

Attack accuracy is fairly simple. Attack accuracy will not increase as swarm bonus increases. With the fleets that we designed our ships have an attack accuracy of 20%. If you followed my directions your fleets should all have 14,697 attack with zero ships. Knowing this, we can figure how much attack we are capable of doing per ship. To figure this out we simply multiply our attack with our accuracy. 14,697 times 0.2 (20%) will be just under 2,940 attack per ship.

Absorb power is the power to absorb damage. In our fleet example, our fleet has a 5% absorbency. This means that when our fleets take damage, 5% of that damage will be absorbed. This also means what when we do a boarding attack, whether it be in a mission or against another player, we will lose 5% less marines then if we had no absorbency.

Now that we have gone over the statistics of our fleet, let's go over how to edit our fleet. If you no longer wish to own a fleet, you can click on the "Sell Ship(s) + Upgrades" checkbox. To complete the transactions on this page, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on the "Rename Fleets/Sell Upgrades" button. If you wish to rename your fleet, simply change the name of the fleet in the textbox and click the same button on the bottom of the page.

Underneath all of the statistics of our fleet are all of the systems we have installed. We can check here to make sure that we have all the proper systems installed. Double check that you have all systems installed for all fleets. If you installed the incorrect system to your design, you can chose to just sell individual systems. You may also sell multiple systems at once such as armor and shield. To do this, you click the checkbox next to the system you wish to remove and click the "Rename Fleets/Sell Upgrades" button like you would if you were going to sell the fleet. Make sure you do NOT have the checkbox selected that will sell the fleets or you will need to rebuild the fleet.

Now that we have our fleets designed, assembled and ready for action, we now need to supply the fleets. Proceed to the next section of the guide to learn how to do this.

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