Step 8 - Resupplying Fleets

We now have our assembled fleets, inspected them and but sadly they are not yet completely ready for combat. How can you fight when you have no ships? This is why we need to resupply fleets. Click on the "Resupply Fleet" button. The page we are brought to is a little different then the other pages. On this page you will see all of your fleets listed unless you made more then 10 fleets. If you made more then 10 fleets, you can search for the fleet by scrolling through the pages using the Next and Previous buttons above the list of your ships and to the right.

To resupply your fleets, you click the checkbox next to the fleet you wish to redesign and at the bottom of the page, you enter in the number of ships you wish to purchase and then click "Buy Ship(s)". To buy ships for multiple fleets, simply click on the multiple checkboxes.

If you have been following the guide exactly, you should still have zero ships for all of your fleets. To be able to complete a mission, you will soon learn that you need a minimum of 100,000 fleet power. Each of the ships we designed has a fleet power of 241. This means we will need at least 415 ships to complete a mission. This is why we designed the ships to be cheap and disposable. Because the ships are disposable and cheap, we are capable of buying more then we need for a mission. We will also be needing to resupply fleets as we should be expecting to lose ships in a mission.

Let's go ahead and resupply the fleets. Before you resupply the fleets, keep in mind this will cost around 15,000,000 credits. If you voted before beginning this guide, you should have plenty of credits to resupply the fleets. If you have over 15,000,000 credits, go ahead and buy 500 ships for each fleet. This will give you 1,500 to 2,000 ships (depending on if you have 3 or 4 fleets). Buying this many ships will allow us to suffer some ship casualties in a mission and still be capable of completing another mission. This is beneficial as, at this early in the game mission contracts will not be that rewarding.

One last thing to mention before we move on is Reserve fleets. Reserve fleets are useful for keeping fleets at hand but keeping them in a safe location so they cannot be destroyed by enemy fleets.. Be forewarned that fleets placed in reserve will suffer a 10% charge of the total value of the fleet when you decide to bring the fleets back to active duty. Only place fleets in reserve when you are certain that an attack from another commander is imminent. Fleets placed in Reserve will be unable to perform any action. Placing fleets in reserve is the equivalent to placing them in storage to be used at a later date.

With that being said, let's finish the last step of assembling our fleets. The only thing left to do is resupply the marines that will provide support for your ships.

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