Step 11 - The War Room

Crew Rankings

Whether you select "War" from the links, Accept a mission contract, or select a player from the rankings page, you will be routed through this page. This page is what I believe to be the most important page of Space Odyssey. Here is where all combat is initiated.


Crew Levels 1-99

If you decided to click on the "War" button, all of the fields will be blank. The Name or ID to attack textbox is for attacking other commanders such as yourself. Keep in mind that if you attack someone. They will not be happy that you attempted to rid the universe of their presence. Use caution when attacking other players.


Crew Levels 100 to 9999

Contract ID's usually cannot be entered by hand. The contract ID is the ID of the contract you accept and is automatically placed in this textbox when you accept a mission contract.


Crew Levels 1000 to 999999

On the bottom portion of the screen is a complete listing of all of your fleets. This listing includes the fleet power of each fleet next to the name, and how many ships you have. It also includes the ranking of your fleet. You can see on the right of this page each crew levels ranking.


Crew Level<99999999

The important part of this page is the Attack Type drop down list. The first, and default option is a Regular attack. This means that all weapons will be concentrated towards enemy fleets. This is the most common method of attacking when completing missions.


Crew Level<9999999999

The Second option in the drop down, is a boarding attack. This is what we have heard so much about in the guide so far. Boarding attacks have the possibility of being the most profitable way to attack. When you chose to board the enemy's fleets, your fleets concentrate in capturing facilities and enemy vessels.


Crew Level<999999999999

In order to succeed in a boarding attack, the marines of the enemy fleet must all be eliminated for a successful boarding. Boarding missions also rely heavily on shields as shields will reduce the number of marines lost in a boarding attack. Shields are very vital when defending against a boarding attack, because the more shields you have, the more marines that have a chance of surviving a boarding attack against your fleets.


Crew Level<99999999999999

The last two options are Scout and Raid Base. These two options go hand in hand and are only useable when planning an attack. as in, if you have not scouted and located the enemies secret base. Scouting a secret asteroid base will not always turn out successful. If the commander is hiding well, it may take many scouting expeditions to locate the enemy base. If the enemy has any fleets and you attempt to scout for their secret asteroid base, the enemy fleets might ambush your scouting fleets and you will be at a disadvantage,


Crew Level<999999999999999


Crew Level>999999999999999

Now that we have gone over the details of the war room, let's go over the fundamentals of attacking. Every attack you make costs 5 turns regardless of attack type and as stated in the Resupplying Fleets section, you may not attack with reserve fleets.

This about covers the war room and you are now forced to make a decision. The main goal of the guide is to take a user from the beginning of the game, to completing their first mission, however I must warn you that there is the possibility of us losing all of our fleets leaving us defenseless. The other option you may choose is to test your trade skills and check out the market. The only downside to trying the market is that the market requires sufficient warehouse modules and credit reserves. You have to spend money to make money. Whichever way you choose is entirely up to you.

Click here to proceed to testing your skills at the Market.

Click here to proceed to completing the first mission.