Step 10 - The Rankings

So you have some fleets built, and you are starting to feel powerful, but how do you rank against other commanders? This is the place to find out. Click on the "Rankings" button to get to this page.

Here you will see at the top of the page, the top 10 commanders at the moment. The rest of the list is a range of players near your ranking. If you notice that some players names are grayed out and un-selectable, it is because you are outside of their attack range. To be in someone's attack range, you must have at least 50% of the fleet power that your target has. You also must be within 200% of their total fleet power. This means that if your target has 10,000,000 fleet power, the range of people who can attack that target are people within 5,000,000 and 20,000,000 fleet power.

The rankings is the easiest way to select a player target to attack. To attack a player you simply need to click on their name and you will be taken to The War Room. Because we have yet to go over the war room, do not choose a target to attack from this list. This list is the list of all of the other players just like yourself and they will not be happy if you attack them. Once we become more advanced as a commander, we will be choosing targets from this list.

Locate where you are listed on the rankings. Don't be disappointed if we are pretty far down on the list as we have just started playing. You might notice on this list that some names have a green sphere next to there name in a column labeled N. This means that the commander with the green sphere next to their name is hiding in a nebula. In order to be placed into a nebula, you must first be attacked. If, within 24 hours of the last time you were attacked, you lose 20% or more of your most recent power (Listed on this page), you will be placed inside of a nebula. When your in a nebula you will be free from being attacked by anyone for 24 hours unless you remove yourself from the nebula. To remove yourself from the nebula, you must attack another player. If you still wish to remain in a nebula, and want to attack, the good news is that you may still attempt missions without removing yourself from a nebula..

The other two columns next to the nebula column are the counterattack column and the secret base column. The counterattack column will show an icon when someone has attacked you. When you are attacked, a counterattack is enabled and remains active for 24 hours. You may counterattack anyone from half of your fleet power and up. There is no limit above that for people you can counterattack. The secret base column will show an icon if you know the location of the players secret base.

You may be wondering by now, Scouting secret bases? Raiding them? How do I do this? This is where the war room comes into play.

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