Step 6 - Upgrading Fleets

Our next step in the process is to upgrade the fleets we purchased. While this step may seem like it takes forever, it's necessary if we want to have ships worthy of combat.

The first step to upgrading fleets is to get to the Upgrade Fleets screen. After buying a fleet, you can click on "Upgrade". If you moved from that confirmation screen, you can also click on "Upgrade Fleet" from the links located at the top of the page.

Once on the Upgrade screen, we have two drop downs to select from and the "View" button. Select the first fleet from the left drop down list, and then select ARMOR from the drop down list on the right. When this is done, click on "View".

On this screen we have been brought to, we see a listing of the Armor systems we have available to us. Locate the armor system we designed, click on the checkbox to the right of the armor system and then click "Buy Upgrade" on the bottom of the page. As with most purchases, we will be yet again taken to a confirmation screen that tells us how much we spent on upgrades. The cost should be zero credits because we did not purchase any ships for our fleets.

Whenever your ready, click on the "Back" button on the confirmation screen and you will be taken back to the previous screen. On this screen click "Back" once more and you will be back at the initial Upgrade Fleet screen. Now that we have the armor system installed, we should install our shield system and weapon system. Thankfully, installing all types of systems is exactly the same.

Go ahead and repeat the steps, except for selecting SHIELD from the right drop down list instead of selecting ARMOR. Then you will need to locate the shield we designed, click the checkbox, and click "Buy Upgrade". Once you install the shield system, install the weapon system we designed.

If you followed my instructions, the systems should be easy to locate. Systems are organized by cost. The cheapest system will be displayed first. With the way we designed systems, they should all appear at the top of the lists. If you have designed many systems, you might not find the system you need on the first page. You can do a search for your system by typing in the system's name and clicking search. This will update the list and display anything that matches your search criteria. Note that when you search for a system this way, you can only find the system you are installing. You cannot search for a weapon system from the shield upgrade screen.

Once you have finished installing the weapon system, you will have completed the design of your first fleet. Repeat these steps for all remaining fleets. Once you finish with that, you will be ready to move on to the next section of the guide.

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