Step 4 - Your Secret Asteroid Base

Before we move on to completing the fleets, we must now go over the secret asteroid base. The button for your secret asteroid base is at the bottom of most pages in the center, above how many credits you have in your mothership. Keep in mind that if someone locates your secret base, another commander can raid your secret base. Use caution when deciding to store credits in your secret stash. Workers, sadly to say are only protected by your fleets. If you have no fleets then your workers are fair game as well as your stashed credits..

However. the secret asteroid base is where the good money rolls in after extending the mothership becomes mundane. Here you will find many options concerning the Workers and your stash. On the left side of this screen is everything about Workers, and on the right side is everything about your secret stash.

Let's take a look at the workers for now. Workers are very important because the work they do produces credits. The more workers you have, the more credits will be produced. Workers are also in direct relation to biofarms. The more biofarms you have, the more workers you can hold and still maintain a growth. If you do not have enough biofarms built to sustain the workers, you will be notified in this area that you need more biofarms and you will notice your growth is negative. This means that instead of gaining the growth once a day, you will lose that percentage of workers and visa versa for a positive growth.

To supply your base with workers, locate the Work Market area on the bottom left of the screen. Workers cost 1 credit each to hire, so lets hire some workers. We will be needing workers because if we don't have workers, we will go broke rather quickly. I recommend that you spend around 20-30% of the credits you have to buy workers. This way you will start to get a small credit production, and will allow you to grow more easily later on.

 Now that we have workers, and a bit of credit production, we need to know where those credits are going. The two radio buttons, above where you hired the workers, tell you this. By default, produced credits will be stored in the secret stash. However, if you don't like the fact that people can steal money from your secret stash, you may want to have produced credits resupply your fleets automatically for you. Keep in mind that when using this feature, only fleets that have at least one ship will be resupplied . Fleets with zero ships will not be resupplied.

Finally we will go over the secret stash. As stated earlier, credits produced by workers will, by default, go into our secret stash. Once that happens, what do we do with the credits? It's up to you. You can either keep the credits there and let the stash gain interest, or we can withdraw the credits and use them however we want. Another thing to do, is to take some credits from your mothership and deposit them into your secret stash. This is done simply by entering the number of credits we wish to transfer to or from our secret stash and clicking the corresponding button.

Now that we have gone over the secret asteroid base, it is now time to finish our fleets. Let's move on to the next section of the guide.

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