Step 1 - Extending the Mothership

To begin our adventures as a new commander, we will need to extend the mothership. Extending the mothership is useful in many ways. The real benefit to extending the mothership is when you have built biofarms. This will be explained in the next section of the guide.

To extend the mothership, click on "Extend Mothership" on the main page. When you arrive at this screen you will see how many segments you already have, and a text box of how many turns you wish to use. Simply enter in a number that is less then the number of turns you have left and click OK Do not do this now. There is more to determining how many turns to use.

You will not receive an equal number of segments to the turns you used. You may find some extra salvage, you may find a normal amount, or you may be interrupted by a space storm and find less. Since we recommended that you save 3,000 turns, we recommend using a total of 2,500 turns. The reason we are not using all of our turns is because while it costs turns to receive segments, it also cost turns to build them. 

Before we use the turns to extend the mothership, we should stop and think. Because we wont receive a set number of segments for the turns we used, how should we use the turns to get the most turns possible? Simply by using only a set amount of turns at a time. We have 2,500 turns, so let's use 500 turns at a time. If you did not save 3,000 turns, just use around 20% of your turns remaining. Keep some turns available to build the segments you will receive or you will have to wait to earn more turns to build the segments. Each time you use 500 turns and gain segments, you should use them right when you get them, otherwise you wont be able to make more money with the other turns you use.

While, for starting out, extending the mothership may be useful for gaining a quick supply of credits and segments, you will soon realize that attacking other players for segments and credits is much more beneficial. That is pretty much the extent of extending the mothership without taking a look at building segments so lets move on.

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