Step 2 - Building Facilities

  Alright! We have extended the mothership, and have gained a number of segments. Now what do we do with them? We can't let good materials go to waste when they can be making us money! Let's get started! Click on the "Build Facility" button on the left side of the screen.

   As you will see on the Build Facility screen, you have four options to select from. Workshops, Bio-farms and Warehouse Modules. The final selection is the destruction of said facilities. You will also notice on this screen the number of segments you have available to build. You may not build more segments then the number listed.

    Since we just started, we will need to first invest in some Workshops. Workshops are vital to reduce the number of turns it costs us to build Biofarms, Warehouse modules and even more Workshops. Personally, I like to have 200-300 workshops. Build as many workshops as you see fit, but do not exceed 300 workshops. The reason you do not want to build more workshops then that, is because after a while, the number of turns it costs to extend the mothership will be so insignificant, that you will feel you wasted segments on workshops. Odds are you will end up destroying the warehouse modules to hold more warehouse cargo, or to make more money from the sales of goods from the bio-farms.

To build workshops you simply put in the number of workshops you want to build in the textbox next to "Workshops:" and then click build. After you do this, you will be taken to a confirmation screen that will give you the details of the transaction. Once you do this, click the "Back" button seen on screen to get back to the Build Facility screen. 

    Once you reach a comfortable amount of workshops,  you should think about using all remaining segments on Bio-farms. Bio-farms are very useful in the fact that for every bio-farm you have, you gain an additional capacity for another 1,000,000 workers as well as for every bio-farm you have, you will gain 10 credits each turn you use. Say you just attempted a mission. In order to attempt a mission, you must attack which uses 5 turns every time you attack. Since 5 turns were used you will gain 10 credits multiplied by how many bio farms you have multiplied by 5. 

While I did mention Warehouse modules, I recommend not doing anything with them as they are involved with the market. Please check out the Market section of the guide if you wish to learn about them now, but you must learn other things before exploring the market.

The final option on this screen is to destroy Warehouse modules. This option could be used in many examples. The main example is if you use too many segments to build a certain kind of facility. If you built too many, you can destroy the facility and the resources will be repackaged into useable segments again.

A special thing to note about segments is that when you attack and when you get attacked. If the attack is successful, the defender (You if your attacked, the enemy if you attack them) will lose segments. Keep in mind how many segments you lose when you get attacked as you may find yourself short of segments when you need them  Feel free to experiment with buying each kind of facility and get to a comfortable number of facilities. Once you have built all of your free segments, please move on to the next section of the guide.

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