Welcome to the Space Odyssey Commanders Manual

Here you will find most, if not all of the information you need regarding your travels throughout the universe.

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This guide has been written to take a brand new commander from their first actions to their first successful mission. We will be adding more and more details for advanced players to the guide as users send in their suggestions.

As most of you are aware, there is a lot to this game, and this guide was created by one user. In saying that, I have designed this guide to allow for easy updates and changes. If I have written something that is incorrect, or haven't written something you need, please send me a message in-game or via e-mail to Duo Barton(#3202).

Before beginning this guide, we recommend a few things. This guide is written to start the player on their way to success after they have saved up some turns.

HOWEVER, it is entirely up to you as to when you wish to start this guide. We recommend, which ever way you chose, that you use the "Vote" buttons at the top of the page. Voting at each of the sites will award your account the specified reward and is a great way to get started quickly. Remember that most of the votes may only be done once a day. The others have even longer re-use timers.

With that being said, it is now time to start your adventure! Good luck and god speed, Commander.

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This guide is written to be used with the new skin. If you do not have the new User Interface skin, log in click on "Account". Once in the account screen, pick a resolution and click on the image of the new skin.

Special thanks go out to SirEmi (Space Odyssey Maker, e(#0001) in the game), Lightseeker_Eu and Gunfighter_Frank. They helped out TREMENDOUSLY in the writing of this guide. Be sure to send these players your thanks!