Step 14 - The Galaxy

You can access the Galaxy map from the mothership interface, Galaxy Travel button. It will take you to the solar system view. If you are a a new commander, you will have to look for encryption missions, do not attempt to attack Revers, they protect the resources that you will be able to mine later, and contruct many things with the resources you will mine.

Encryption Missions: Each mission has an encryption level, every time you complete a mission your standing goes up, allowing you to access new encryption missions. A unique feature anout encryption missions is that you can get items from those missions. In order to use / sellthe items, access the items interface in the lower left corner of the mothership, a pic with an electronic arm.

The Galaxy can contain Reavers, encounters, encryptions, other commander fleets, anomalies due to cloaked fleets. As a new commander, you will be searching for the level one encryption missions. In order to do that, you have to move trough the quadrant you started in. Go to the Quadrant Map and click on a star name. This will open the navigation window, and enable you to jump to that star, provided you have enough turns for the jorney.

Gathering resources, mining: You will notice some of the stars contain some asteroids. After you grow in power and you manage to clear the Reavers protecting those resources, you will be able to mine them. The resources are very important, because they are used in the manufacture of mothership modules, just like commander abilities, the mothership can be equiped with modules that boost all kinds of things. Those modules require the resources that can only be found in the Galaxy. Mining will take credits and turns, and is done in units of 250, if you mine lower then 250 you will still use as you were mining 250 orechunks.

So you cleared the Reavers and you want to settle down in a star system? Very well, you can make a system your home, all you need to do after you cleared the Reavers is place some fleets in there, to be sure the bad Reavers don't come back. Go to System Fleets and assign a couple of fleets in the system.

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